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Ice Cream Cake Chic

Everyone loves ice cream cake! Decorate this cake to make it looks as good as it tastes. Add fruit and sprinkles to make it chic!

Flower Pixie

This pretty pixie needs a new outfit. Choose her outfit and shoes. Give her a new pair of wings as well.

Pirate Girl

This pirate girl is looking for some gold treasure! Make sure she looks great when she finds it. Give her a new outfit and hairstyle.

Apple Picking

This girl is out to pick some ripe apples. Make sure she looks great in the forest. Give her an outfit that will look great...

Shrimp Salad

Smell that tasty shrimp! Help the chef prepare a shrimp salad for a special guest. You'll earn more points for being neat.

Garlic Pepper Shrimp

Enroll in this fun cooking class game. Help the chef prepare some tasty shrimp. Chop use some cilantro and cabbage!

Shrimp Mango Salad

Enjoy a healthy shrimp mango salad! Help the chef prepare the salad by chopping vegetables. Everyone will love what you made!

Drama Queen

This A-list drama queen needs to wear an award-winning outfit. Dress her up in a great dress. Give her a highlights that will keep all...

Crazy Cream Desserts

This ice cream dessert could use some extra ingredients. Put on some whipped cream and sprinkles for some fun. Make a delicious dessert everyone will...

College Princess

This girl needs to look great on her college campus. Give her an outfit that will make her look smart and cool. Any teacher should...

Twins of Fashion

These twins need to look super cute! Dress up each one with great accessories. Give them a style everyone will rave about!

Beach Babes

Everyone loves a girl on a beach! Dress up these cuties in great bathing suits. Make sure each one looks fabulous!

A Scooter for Sierra

Who doesn't love a girl on a scooter? Dress Sierra up for a drive through the city. Give her an outfit that will impress everyone...

Super Agent Girl Dressup

This super agent girl needs to look fabulous when catching the bad guys. Give her a smashing outfit that will make any guy surrender. Don't...

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